Why Should You Choose Free Hosting For Your Project?

Just because something is free does not make it poor quality. Oftentimes, the saying “You get what you pay for” is used to describe many things, from household appliances to online services. In the web hosting business however, the terms does not really fit as well as it does with other industries. While paid hosting does provide many additional benefits over free hosting, free hosting is a valuable resource, especially for testing and small-budget projects.

A valuable resource for everyone

Even though it may sound too good to be true, free hosting does offer many benefits to anyone that wants to host a website or application without high prices.

First and foremost, the price itself. Free hosting is quite obviously cheaper than paid hosting services. By saving money every month by utilizing free hosting, companies are able to expand operations and use the extra cash on things that will help their business grow. For example, instead of spending money on hosting, a small business can focus the extra funds on advertising and improving the quality of their products.

While the absent price tag is a clear advantage over paid hosting providers, free hosting has other benefits as well. For example, free hosting can be used by larger companies that use paid services for their primary site as a testing ground. By testing new additions and modifications to a website on free hosting, you are able to reduce the stress on your primary server and reduce the risk of production issues by testing updates on a separate server.

TinkerHost is a free hosting service built for whatever you need. Whether you are a small business looking to save some extra cash in your wallet, or a larger company looking for an easy way to test updates and implementations, TinkerHost is able to help you out. Give us a try and signup today at tinkerhost.net.

Does free hosting offer everything that premium hosting does?

While free hosting does have its limitations, it is still able to offer itself as a formidable competitor against premium services. TinkerHost offers all the core features that premium services do, including an automatic script installer, free FTP access, MySQL databases, and PHP support.

However, due to the reduced revenue that free hosting has, many advanced tools are not available on free hosting. For example, many free hosting providers do not offer support for languages such as Go or Ruby on Rails. Free hosting may also impose stricter restrictions on bandwidth and file size, as server space is limited and valuable. However, free hosting is still fully able to host smaller sites, and can even handle a basic WordPress blog installation.

Conclusion: Free V.S. Premium, which is right for me?

The answer to this question is going to be different for every user, and we have explored a few examples above. But just to bring it all together, below is a short summary of the normal free hosting user and the normal premium hosting user. Note that these are just examples, and both free and premium hosting have more uses than what is below.

Free Hosting is most commonly used for small-budgeted and small business as a way to save money, or as a testing ground for new features and implementations by larger companies.

Premium Hosting is most commonly used by people that have outgrown free hosting, or need things that free hosting does not provide, such as other support for other programming languages.

We hope this guide was helpful, and don’t hesitate to create your own free hosting account, or join our community forum to get your questions answered!

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