Introducing TinkerHost for Education!

It has been a long road of development and testing, but we are excited to announce that our newest feature, TinkerHost for Education has been released! Our team has worked hard on every update, but major ones (like this one!) are always really special, as they allow our team to build an entire new way for people like you to use our service in new and exciting ways!

Now to the exciting bit! TinkerHost for Education is a (Free!) way for students and educators to connect and learn web development together. TinkerHost for Education allows students to share their progress with their instructor, for easy grading and progress checks. Educators can easily access their students work, allowing them to spend more time enjoying their students creations, and less time trying to find it.

What does TinkerHost for Education Offer?

TinkerHost for Education offers a new way for educators to check in on their students, and assess their work. In the past, students had to manually share their domain name and account information with their teacher, who then had to organize and manage all that information themselves, often within a messy spreadsheet. This meant that educators spent more time gathering and organizing their students work, leading to less time to provide constructive feedback to their students for improvement.

TinkerHost for Education takes the pain of manual data collection and organization away. Now, educations just share a class code with their students, who are then able to join the class right from account settings. Once they are in, students choose which of their accounts to share, and educations get access to all their domain names in one place, organized by class, and then by their students names.

Can Students use TinkerHost for Class, and for Personal Use

Absolutely! Our goal at TinkerHost is to provide a space for students to learn, to privately work on their own projects, and create their own online store, while keeping each project in its own separate place. Students get to choose which accounts are shared with their instructor. Since all TinkerHost users are able to create a maximum of 3 hosting accounts, and students can choose to share one, or even all three. Any accounts that students don't choose to share are kept private, and educators are unable to view or access them. Educators are also unable to view student accounts (Just like students are unable to view their instructors accounts), and the only personal information that is shared is a students first and last name.

Is it Easy to Manage Multiple Classes

Yes it is! Educators can create additional classes in their educator dashboard, and each one can have it own icon, and unique name. Educators can manage their students together a a group, or view them and their work by individual class.

With TinkerHost for Education, it is easy for instructors to manage their classes and students. Educators have the option to remove students from a class, and remove classes entirely when the class is over. Student work cannot be deleted by educators, instead, the account is just removed from the class, and students can choose what to do with their creation.

How to Suggest New Education Features

Our team is always looking for ways to improve our services, and that includes TinkerHost for Education. To suggest a new feature, or an improvement to an existing one, please send us an email at education[@]tinkerhost.net!

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