Why Do I See a BODIS Parking Page On My Website?

There are two primary reasons why you may see a parking page or a BODIS parking page on your website. We will explore those reasons, as well their solution below.

DNS Propagation

DNS propagation is a bit complicated, so we won’t try to explain the entire process here, Instead, all you need to know is that when your computer accesses a human-readable hostname like “google.com”, computers called DNS servers translate that human-readable name to an IP address, like “”. When these DNS servers perform a lookup, they will store the result for later (known as “caching”).

When you change the IP address that your hostname points to, the DNS servers will not pick up the change immediately, so you have to wait for what is known as DNS Propagation. This process generally takes no more than 72 hours. A more in-depth explanation of DNS propagation can be found on tinkertechlab.com.

If you don’t want to wait for DNS propagation, you can change the DNS server that your computer uses for lookups to a different provider. By default, your computer will most likely use a DNS server provided by your ISP, but you can change this to the DNS servers managed by Google ( and or to the DNS servers managed by Cloudflare ( Information on how to do that can be found here.

Your website is not properly connected with your hosting provider.

One reason why you may see a branded parking page or a BODIS advertisement page is because your website is either not connected, or is not properly connected to your hosting provider. For example, TinkerHost users most commonly see this page when there is an error creating a root folder for a new domain name. The fix only takes a few seconds, and all TinkerHost users have to do is remove the domain from their account, then add it back again.

Of course, each hosting provider's system may work a bit differently, and if removing and reconnecting your domain to your hosting account does not work, try contacting your hosting provider or utilizing a community forum to ask for assistance.

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