The Best Business Name Generators To Use When You Need Inspiration

Your business name is very important, in fact, it is arguably the most important part of your brand. If your name does not match the products and services you provide, or if it’s long, complicated, or hard to pronounce, customers may get confused and give someone else their money instead.

What are the most important things to remember when choosing a name?

There are a lot of important things to keep in mind when choosing a brand name for your company. Below, we compiled some of the most important ones, and why you should follow them.

Choose a name that’s not already taken

This should be pretty straightforward. When choosing a brand name, make sure to run a Google search and see what comes up. The less relevant hits you get, the better. Also try to avoid names that are closely related to an existing company, like calling yourself “McDonuts” (Also, that’s probably a lawsuit waiting to happen…)

Choose a name that’s unique and does not have a bad reputation

Just like you don’t want to be called the same thing as a company that already exists, you also don’t want to have a name with a bad online reputation. Even if the company has since closed its doors, you don’t want to associate yourself with another company’s negative past.

Choose a name that can be easily spelled and pronounced

Not only will your brand name be on business cards, but you will most likely buy a domain name and hosting (Shameless plug, but TinkerHost offers free hosting, especially for new and small businesses). When choosing a domain name, you will want something that closely resembles your brand name. And if your company’s name is “redHazzleBurrieHigh”, that's going to be pretty hard for people to figure out how to spell it in their browser.

Choose a name that reflects what you provide or sell

This one should also be pretty easy to understand. If you sell clothing, don’t brand yourself as a construction company (or vise versa).

Top 3 name generators to give you some inspiration

Don’t know what name to choose, or just want some inspiration? Here are some websites that you can use to get your creative mind thinking. (Note that if you find something you like, but think it could be a bit better, try a thesaurus to find synonyms for the word or phrase).

- Namelix.com - This website is the perfect tool to finding the perfect business name. After entering some keywords, the site allows you to pick from some simple customization options, and spits out a long list of interesting names and possible brand logos! Best of all, its completely free.

- businessnamegenerator.com - This website only allows you to enter keywords, but it does have the added functionality of checking to see if the domain is available for purchase as well.

- Naming.net - This website allows you to input words, and set some additional opinions before it spits out a long list of possible domain names, which you can also use as your brand name!


Choosing a name to represent your brand can be a daunting task, but with the tools we provided and a bit of free time, you will be sure to come up with something you love! And if you can’t, remember that in-person brainstorming sessions still exist, and passing ideas around with a few friends can also generate some ideas, and maybe even some memories.

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