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Welcome to TinkerAds

Why should I advertise with TinkerHost?

It's simple. TinkerAds are affordable and bring your brand close to future customers.

TinkerAds Pricing Model

    TinkerAds pricing is set up specifically for newer websites and brands (Although TinkerAds is open to everyone) that may have a small advertising budget. Our pricing plans use a one-time fee model instead of a by-click model to ensure that as many people see your advertisement as possible for as little cash as possible.

TinkerAds Primary Features

    TinkerAds are integrated deeply into our code, specifically designed to avoid adblockers and run without JavaScript. This ensures that your advertisement is shown even to users that may typically not see advertisements. Additionally, we only show a few advertisements on any singular page, so users are not overwhelmed, and so your advertisement is more noticeable.


  • One fee, unlimited clicks
  • TinkerAds run even without JavaScript
  • AdBlocker? No problem. TinkerAds will still show
  • Get your brand know by TinkerHost Users
  • Customize your link, track your leads
  • One size, all the placements
  • All TinkerAds are 728px by 900px


  • $5 Per Month
  • $45 Per Year ($15 Savings)!

Want your ad shown on as well?
Add $5 to your order and we will display the same ad on and simultaneously.

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