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Welcome to TinkerHost! Our mission is to provide free hosting for everyone, because everyone deserves an online presence.

In order to keep our mission strong, we rely heavily on donations and ad-revanue!

    In the boxes below, you'll see how we accept donations. Every donation counts, even if it is just a dollar or two! To make things even better, sometimes you can donate to us when you buy something online, and you don't even have to pay more money! How cool is that?

Supported Donation Methods

Direct Donation

We accept direct monitory donations via BuyMeACoffee, a secure way to send a tip to your favorite websites!

Buy on Amazon*

Click the link below, and buy all your favorite stuff! Amazon won't charge you anything extra, but we'll get a percentage of your order total.

Via BitCoin

Love that online currency, and want to share? We accept BitCoin donations to


* As an Amazon Affiliate, TinkerHost earns from qualifying purchases

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