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TinkerHost is the free platform that gives you the tools to start your eCommerce shop, or bring your brick-and-morter shop online and expand your client base

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Multiple Options Available

Explore our Softaculous installer for many different eCommerce options, all installed and configured for you in under 5 minutes!

Rather go with the popular WooCommerce WordPress Plugin? Learn more about WordPress on TinkerHost!


Yes! While the time it takes to install WordPress manually depends heavily on your internet speed, our AutoInstaller from Softaculous can both install and configure WordPress on your hosting account in minutes, saving you anywhere from 20 minutes, to multiple hours of your time.

When installing manually, you have to first download WordPress from the official website, then upload it to free hosting servers (Oh, and don't forget that you would have to configure the database conenction and basic configuration as well). Our installer will do all of that for you, saving you time, and prevents you from worrying about potential mistakes. We got your back!

WordPress's WooCommerce plugin is very server-intensive, and may be slower than other eCommerce software offered through Softaculous. However, when using a pure WordPress Installation with few plugins other than WooCommerace, you'll have everything you need to get your website running smoothly. And if you ever need help or suggestions when configuring WordPress with WooCommerce, we will be happy to help on our Community Forum!

Never! Unlike other free hosting providers that force advertising on every website hosted with them, we don't, and never will. It is up to you if you want to place your own ads for revenue on your website, or keep it ad-free, but we will never place our own advertisements.

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