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Free WordPress Hosting with TinkerHost

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With TinkerHost, you can automatically install WordPress in less then 5 minutes on a new free hosting account, and start building your site right away!

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Softaculous Installer

Easy Installation

Use our free Sofaculous AutoInstaller to automatically install WordPress on your free hosting account!

Once you Signup for TinkerHost and create your first hosting account, select "Softaculous Script Installer" from the control panel and install WordPress with just a few clicks. It's fast, easy and free!


Yes! While the time it takes to install WordPress manually depends heavily on your internet speed, our AutoInstaller from Softaculous can both install and configure WordPress on your hosting account in minutes, saving you anywhere from 20 minutes, to multiple hours of your time.

When installing manually, you have to first download WordPress from the official website, then upload it to free hosting servers (Oh, and don't forget that you would have to configure the database conenction and basic configuration as well). Our installer will do all of that for you, saving you time, and prevents you from worrying about potential mistakes. We got your back!

As long as you receive at least 5 visitors a month, your account will remain active and ready to serve your visitors! (If you have a personal site just for you, don't worry, reloading your website 5 times in any web browser will also satisfy the activity requirement).

Never! Unlike other free hosting providers that force advertising on every website hosted with them, we don't, and never will. It is up to you if you want to place your own ads for revenue on your website, or keep it ad-free, but we will never place our own advertisements.

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