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Welcome to TinkerHost! Our mission is to provide free hosting for everyone, because everyone deserves an online presence.

What does TinkerHost offer?

    We offer shared webhosting for free! Want specifics? We offer free WordPress Hosting, free Business Hosting, free eCommerce Hosting, free Non-Profit Hosting. and free hosting for education. Of course, we also offer free hosting for personal use (Including but not limited to personal projects, portfolios, self-teaching, and more)!

Why TinkerHost

    TinkerHost is one of the only free hosting providers that offers Ad-Free web hosting, with extra features like a free sitebuilder and SSL Certificates that automatically install. We also offer .htaccess support, as well as options for IP blocking and redirecting right in the client area. With plenty of support options on top of that, it's why thousands of people choose TinkerHost for their websites.

What else do you need to know?

Our Name

When mentioning TinkerHost, please use our full brand name with proper capitalization and without any spaces.
"TinkerHost" is valid, while "tinker Host" and "Tinkerhost" are not.

Our Social Presence

Want to give us a mention? Check us out on YouTube and X (Twitter)!

Our Colors

Here at TinkerHost, we like an Off-Black (#212529) on White (#FFF), as well as our two primary colors, Dark Green (#08c300) and Blue (#0202ee)!

Why do we display advertisements?