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Free Non-Profit Hosting with TinkerHost

Show the world what can be done when people come together

TinkerHost cares about the planet we call home, and we want to help you on your mission to protect it.

TinkerHost provides free hosting for non-for-profit organizations that are working to improve the world we live in. We provide organizations with the tools needed to easily build the online presence needed to spread the word, and inform the community.

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Free Hosting for your cause

With automatic WordPress installation and free unlimited FTP access, we have the tools you need to bring your website online.

Learn more about WordPress on TinkerHost, or explore all the free hosting features to see how free hosting with TinkerHost will help you on your mission.


Yes, we do! Our free sitebuilder is perfect for creating a landing page just for you and your organization.

As long as you receive at least 5 visitors a month, your account will remain active and ready to serve your visitors! (If you have a personal site just for you, don't worry, reloading your website 5 times in any web browser will also satisfy the activity requirement).

Never! Unlike other free hosting providers that force advertising on every website hosted with them, we don't, and never will. Your website is yours, we'll never add our own content to it.


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