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So, What do I need to know?

  • All information that your provide us must be correct
  • You must keep your information up-to-date and accurate
  • Our privacy policy explains how we use your information
  • You are responsible for all information and files on your account, regardless of how it got there. Make sure you choose a secrure password!
  • You must not upload any inappropriate content to TinkerHost (See the section below)
  • You must take your own backups. TinkerHost is not responsible for lost files or database data
  • You may only have one TinkerHost account, and three hosting accounts
  • If you see someone not following the rules, report it

So, What am I allowed to do?

  • Show off your website to friends, family, and clients
  • Try our free site builder
  • Get a free SSL certificate to secure your website
  • Introduce yourself on our community forum
  • Test out your PHP and SQL skills with our free database access
  • Connect your custom domain to Cloudflare for extra protection
  • Install WordPress in under 5 minutes with our auto-installer
  • Add unlimited free subdomains to your account

So, What am I NOT allowed to do?

You may not:

  • harass or attempt to harm anyone.
  • host non-website content (File sharing websites are not allowed)
  • host illegal content, or content you do not have permission to use
  • host crypto related sites
  • host a live-chat script (You can still use!)
  • host sites of pornographic or adult nature
  • impersonate anyone
  • host keylogging, proxy, or steaming software

Again, we urge you to read the full Terms of Service and familiarize yourself with them. This is not a legally binding document, however the full Terms of Service are, and by using this service, you are legally bound to the full Terms of Service.

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