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Can I place my own advertisements on my site?

Yes! We don't place any of our own advertisements on your website, and you are free to add your own advertisements to make some money. read more...

How to migrate your website to TinkerHost

Migrating your site is an easy process, as your computer does most of the work! You will need a copy of your files, and if used, a copy of your database from your previous provider. read more...

How to send emails from your website

Sending emails from your website is easy with TinkerHost! While we do not support the PHP mail() function due to abuse in the past, SMTP is allowed, and is supported by most mail providers! read more...

How to clear your account and restart from scratch

First, remove any domains that are connected to your account, and make a copy of your files and databases if you want them. Then, request that the account be deleted, and create a new one. read more...

Why is my domain redirecting to a Suspended Website page?

The suspended website page does not always mean your site is suspended. To check the site's status, open it in the client area. There are a few reasons why you may see the suspended page on an active account. read more...

Why and how is TinkerHost free?

As we do not provide live support, and we use automated systems that are programmed to complete tasks in order to minimize human work, we don't need to hire or pay many employees, leading to free hosting for you! read more...

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Community Forum

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Knowledge Base

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Basic Email Support

Contact us at support[@] for basic email support!*

TinkerHost+ Support Options

Ticketed Support

Open a ticket in the client area for priority ticketed support!

Knowledge Base

Quick and informative solutions to your problems with text and video tutorials!

Priority Email Support

Contact us at support[@] from an email associated with your TinkerHost+ account!*

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Additional Contact Options

Report An Issue

Find something that does not quite look right? Let us know in the client area!

Report Terms Violation

Report a website we host that is in violation of our Terms Of Service.

Report A Bug or Vulnerability

If you spot a bug or vulnerability, please let us know at security[at]

* TinkerHost does not provide support for 3rd party software you install on your site. Do not send spam or advertisements to TinkerHost email addresses, as it will be reported as such.

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